Sleepy Royals

August City
Session 1: Venturing From Deepdell


At the family gathering that happens once per decade, Drake divided the family into several groups, which were put through various trials. Nan Gander aided this particular group, though mostly just hit on Finch.

Combat: Cameron, with a devastatingly accurate hit, swooped surprisingly into first place.

Riddling: Everyone passed the elimination rounds. Finch and Talys proved superior in the initial rounds, and went head to head, Finch pulling ahead in the last few rounds.

Social: The ninja clans are tiered, and everyone is part of the lowest clan. Through persuasion and manipulation, they talk their way up the ranks until they don’t think they can advance further. Three were caught trying to advance further than they should have, but Polaris was proved to be of clan cat.

After these trials, all are brought together for the reading of the diagnosis of the narcoleptic curse. The location is Antioch, a city to the north. But there are two complications: there is now also a death curse that will complete in 7 days and the helicopter that runs between cities hasn’t shown up for quite some time.


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