Claymore Pravishka

Claymore Pravishka is a dreaming paradox who works the system.



Tier I

Core Stats

Points Edge

Other Stats

Cyphers III
Effort I

Training, Skills, & Penalties

General Skill Specialization Effect
Psionics d-1
Psionics Visions d-2
Electonics d-1
Electronics Programming d-2
Light Weapons no penalty
Medium Weapons attack d+1
Heavy Weapons attack d+2
Translation initiation
Spot Motives d+1

Revisions & Abilities

Cost Name Effect
2 Int Premonition learn a fact
2 Int Shatter aoe; 1 dmg; +2 dmg/effort
3 Int Hack brief interaction


Qty Name Effect
50 local currency ($)
1 Dream Catcher X34
1 Change of fine clothes
1 Light Handgun 2 damage; attack d-1
1 Laptop
1 Smartphone
1 Malware Package asset to hacking
1 Pipe
5 Grams of Chocolate TM
1 8oz Flask (Chocolate TM moonshine)
20 Matchsticks
1 Dream Journal asset to interpreting own visions


  • dreaming is a skinned iscobean descriptor.
  • GM Notes

Claymore was born and raised on the family Chocolate TM farm. Though he’s never had much knack for business or social interaction, he is obsessed with the family curse and has poured his substantial intellect in seeking to understand its meaning.

Claymore has a quiet demeanor, and is exceedingly careful in everything he does. He would give a stranger the coat off his back, or pick up a field worker who has had too much Chocolate TM and help him stumble back to the dorms. In everything, Claymore wants the world to be a better place. The government and other big companies only serve to tear the little man down, and he sees his own family providing equal opportunities to all who seek it.

Claymore believes that the narcolepsy which haunts his family is not in fact a curse, but a blessing from the D’ni, an ancient race which initially developed the age-writing technology that allows the Pravishka family to so effectively manage their Chocolate TM farm and estate. The Pravishka family was chosen by the D’ni from across time and space to learn their secrets, and these dreams and the method by which they reveal themselves. Claymore also believes that Chocolate TM in its various forms may help to channel the D’ni visions.

Claymore has constructed a device called the Dream Catcher X34. This device is permanently installed on his head, and Claymore believes that it helps him understand his dreams better. He also maintains a dream journal, which is uses to better understand his own dreams and their meaning.

Claymore Pravishka

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